The 25th and 26th of November: The Assembly

The last Wednesday and Thrusday, I´d go to the University (Comunication Faculty) where there was a big meeting about “Scientia” and the mass-media.

Some of the people were there thanks for ASPE (Asociation of Journalist from Salamanca). It was the way we were noticed about the blogs… (you know: that place at Internet where you can emitting your text or photos, and so on).

Talking with part of the public, persons who had been reunited, some of those who were there, perhaps not all together, could understand the big idea that today can be defending by me: I wish to became a writer, because I´m the author of some texts called “Hiperrealista Chronicle” where the words have a free meaning… this is my blog. Besides I´d like to say that a writer can be use different stylus, instrument for writing.

I use some expressions or meanings to related ideas because “to writte” is a good hobby, a new way to explain myself the system of the social mass-media.

Laura Chaparro, Antonio Villarreal, José Manuel López, José Cervera, José Pichel (the moderator) and Javier Pedrera have been the stars of the meeting.

I want to be grateful for the people there and to applaud the present persons for the transmission of the knowledges

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