Be that as it may, when the old year finishes, another year begins.


Christmas time is a great moment to examine your conscience and make new propositions. You must learn to behave better in the coming year.


All of us prepare changes in our behaviour. I mean some action like giving up smoking, doing sport, having more sense or finding a job…these new projects are to improve our life and to be better in the new season.


Here our traditional Christian culture usually starts by preparing a big party to celebrate the Messiah’s birth.


God’s son is a mortal person who arrives with, «good news»: our sins can be forgiven.


Three wise men adore the young boy. It is a big celebration.


Consumerism is another way of celebrating that religious party.


Markets, shopping centres, big and small shops are good at making a fortune in these days.


Herodes tried to kill Jesus and lots of baby boys, the loss of whose young lives makes martyres of them. They were killed and they were innocent.


The sacred story presents two time periods, the era before Christ and the era after Christ. Both are two thousand years old.

Besides, the twenty first century seems to be a new age… another era.


Christmas Carols and decorations are part of our amusing celebration but these are small details. Christmas for ever.

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