The other day the ASPE invited some journalist for a beautiful meeting. There were the colleges of the association and the social members of a “round table” which we talked about the subject: the free information because if it is not only and interesting idea for a journalist worker but it is useful at last. The society needs to receive thru information it´s one of our human rights.

To do a message about free information makes a broken. It is like a gatekeeper who gets with a reality serious way a meaning about the necessary “Freedom Press”.

Looking at our professional details in an “opinion poll” all around the world, Spain is the country number thirty five in a list where there is thru news and reality dates of information.

We were all talking and telling, making a circle around a cup of coffee. We were more or less ten or eleven persons. The way we talked, we reached agreement that the “free speech” of the modern society in Spain is a question of education

The most important part of the meeting were part of the speech what same of the people there, told theirs property experiences. It is such as good as to find a way to vigorously defended free of speech from the powerful degree. The “main head” made to get that control of the “fourth” statement called the Journalist Science.

In our normal day by day we must live with an optimism idea of the citizen. Do live for the “humans being” is to do a labor similar to the “Robin Hood”. It´s an idea but the reality will be no more than this new big act.



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