What want more than anything is the political power. I mean a man or a woman can be consider ambitious because they can to govern or to get the control of the country for ages or periods of time of the world-history. It will be, his own glories, forever.

Our country in that moment has lots of problems but hasn´t a real President with the power. All of the mass-media can be the mediator between the “vox populi” and the President. Every citizen can say to the politician that thanks of the conversations, “talking is better than violence” the problems can be determined.

Next Sunday we have elections, general elections so we have actually our election campaing.

The problems we can hear are about the inemployment, the corrupt, the public health and the education.

All of the problems, are society and economic problems so they can be talked by the voters that can elect the president and by the elected people because they are the mainstream of political throught.

All of the solutions can be consider for the citizenship because the problems affect all of them, and affect all of us.

There is another thing, it is easy to talk about what to do for the future if one of them became president of the Goberment, now

They can say lots of things but we only want to heard the true not some similar to the true.

The last President in Spain said the last time that if he would be governed, he would not to increase the tax, exactly IRPF but when he was President this tax were increased. So that idea is now incredible. The same person has said the same idea, again.

The political persons can talk politics but one thing is ensure some meansurement and other very different is the real situation if you are with the power on your hand.



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